Plans for a vineyard and winery began in 2016. Viticulture Consultant, Grant Spotts, designed the layout recommending the site was best suited to white varietals (Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier). Two and half acres were then cleared and mapped. In the spring of the following year cultivation began; holes were drilled into the granite soil, 800 registered, bare-root stock were planted, and posts, drip irrigation and wires were installed. With help solely from the sun and well water, the vines took off and by end of that summer they were lush and healthy.

Wine production will begin as soon as the vines produce fruit, typically two years after planting. In the meantime plans are underway to cultivate additional fields for Spanish Tempranillo and other red varietals.

Future Tasting Room

Once wine production begins at Hillside Ranch Vineyards our venue space will accommodate weekend afternoon tastings as part of “The Wineries on Hwy 94” a local wine trail that has become popular with both locals and tourists.

Interested in stopping by? 

We would love to have you come by to view our venue space, view our vineyards, and eventually, sample our wine!